Improve your audience targeting and content with Audience Manager

634490.adobeaudiencemanagerLast week, I luckily attended an insightful session at Adobe® to take a grasp of one of their cloud based software: Audience Manager. In a nutshell, Audience Manager is a platform that helps marketers to build segments based on first party data (yours) and third party data (other sources) in order to better target the recipient of  a specific creative. In other words, a data management platform.

DMPs are a core element of the RTB environment, it helps agencies collect and analyse the data collected from their client campaigns, and build segments that have the same profile and need to serve the ad. This is happening in real-time to enable DSPs (demand-side platform) and AdServers (where the creative is stored) to give the right message to the right person at the right time.

What are the core benefits that Adobe® Audience Manager (AMM) offers?

  • Data Integration: combining online / off-line data across multiple platforms or channels.
  • Real-Time Segmentation: send the output data to other platforms to optimise the downstream media and enhance the customer experience
  • Improved scalability: full cross-channel reporting and analytics capabilities

The unique value proposition for marketers is to be able to identify and integrate the full user journey from Digital Marketing (off site / advertising) to the Digital Experience (on site) all the way to the CRM activity.

Another great feature of Audience Manager is their brand new integration with FlashTalking, a dynamic creative platform and 1st Party AdServer that we, at DDB Sydney, can proud ourself for helping them launch in Australia with our client Telstra earlier this year. By successfully integrating with FlashTalking, Adobe Manager can now directly deliver on rule-based planning dynamic creative (decision tree) which reduces pixel calls and improves the accuracy in delivering the creative ad.images

Above and beyond the display area, AMM also integrated with Search re-marketing (Google RLSA) and Social Advertising utilising Facebook Custom Audiences, Twitter Tailored Audiences and – still in development – LinkedIn through lookalike modelling.

Finally, AMM helps answering a key challenge in our industry in regards to identify and merging multiple profiles. The tool successfully provides the ability to identify anonymous users vs. authenticated ones across devices along the path-to-conversion.

Stay tuned for next updates on the Adobe® stack!

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