June investments in Digital and Mobile predict continuous growth in 2016

The World Economics Global Marketing Index (GMI) for June recorded values of 55.7, 54.7 and 55.8 in Europe, the Asia-Pacific area and the Americas respectively, reflecting a strong in marketing activity across regions.

This growth, however, is essentially driven by the allocation of marketing budgets assigned to Internet Media with an index value of 77.1 for Digital and 73.9 for Mobile advertising suggesting the two media on course to have the largest share of marketing budgets by 2016.Global Marketing Budgets by Media

For the seventh consecutive month, TV budgets have been falling down with an index recorded of 45.0. in the Asia-Pacific region; Radio and OOH expenditures followed a similar trend while allocations to Press spending in marketing budgets recorded the highest decline across all regions.

Marketing Budget by RegionThe Index for Global Marketing Budgets growth in June registered a value of 52.7, up by 0.9 on the month before.Whilst the index fell by 0.2 to reach 52.9, the fourth monthly successive fall in the Asia-Pacific region.

World Economics Chief Executive Ed Jones commented on the release:

“The Headline Global Marketing Index reading for June indicates that marketing activity is still growing across the world and in all regions. Marketing Budgets are still expanding and spending on Mobile and Digital media continue to take a rapidly growing share, while other media are declining.”

Source: WARC